Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thanksgiving Fun

Finally getting around to posting some more holiday fun and frivolity.

The girls always have so much fun at Jeremy's parents' house.  There is so much room to run around with their cousins and just be kids.  My brother-in-law Steve borrowed a friend's 4-wheeler this year, and very generously he and my sister-in-law, Tricia, gave all the kids endless rides while I sat inside and read a book.  Did I mention that I love vacations at the in-laws, too?!?!?

Here is a snippet of one such 4 wheeler ride, in two parts.

Yes, you are correct, the children are sitting on pillows, strapped in with bungee cords.  If that concerns you, too bad.  These are not your children. 

See, Steve is a very safe driver.  

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I had a million things to do last night (including taking down the tree), but instead I decided to play around with Windows Movie Maker.  I thought it would be fun to put all the pictures together that the girls took.  I always love seeing what's on the camera after they have had a turn with it.  I will try to post some more Christmas pictures soon, and I also told my nieces that I would post their web show "Cooking Cousins" that they made at Thanksgiving.  I must do that.

So, anyway, here is the link for the video of Olivia reading "In the Bleak Midwinter" at church as well as the Christmas pictures Harper Lee and Olivia took.  

Does anyone know how to change the volume of the background music at different points during the video using Movie Maker?  (You'll find out why I'm asking in just a sec.)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Best Christmas Ever

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

We are in Henderson, and the girls are enjoying playing with their cousins.  I have had a great vacation, myself.  I have been SOO lazy so far this trip, and loving it.  We had a great visit with my grandmother and Jeremy's oldest sister and fam in Lake Charles, but no pics (see aforementioned laziness).  Today, however, the kids decided to make a movie and asked me to record it, so I had to move from my place on the couch.  I had to record it in two parts because of the different scenes.  Sorry for the shakiness.  It's hard to walk and record at the same time.  :)  It works best if you click on the Google video icon in the corner of the screen and watch it in original size.

Click on the capital "T":

The Best Christmas Ever - Act One

The Best Christmas Ever - Act Two

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I'm lagging behind again.  At least I got these posted before Thanksgiving!  Here are some pictures Virginia sent me of the kids.  We went trick-or-treating with Emerson, Atticus, and Sabriel (not pictured).  We worked hard for the candy this year, folks!!  You do a lot of walking when 1 out of every 4 people are at home.  More of you should be at home on Halloween!!! :)  

Harper Lee was a "Spanish princess" and Olivia was a vampire.  I have no idea what made Olivia latch on to the vampire idea.  About a month before Halloween we were in the car together and out of the blue she said, "Mom, do you know what really ties the whole vampire thing together?  The teeth.  Without that, it's just a costume."  

Thanks to Virginia for sending me these pictures.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Tradition Continues

I don't know how many years now that we've carved pumpkins at my mom's house.  William was quite small when we started, I know that.  It has elevated in status to right behind dying Easter eggs (which if you know my mom, you know is a HUGE deal at her house).  We had a great time today because the girls both did a great job and really did almost all of the work themselves, so it was fun to watch.

For some reason, cut off some of the jack-o-lantern pictures (which I had a hard time getting anyway).  Anyway, you get the idea!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Career Day

Both girls were chefs this year.  This is the "Iron Chef" pose.

MORE October Fun!

After weeks of construction, our foam haunted house is finally complete!!!  The girls and I had a blast working on this.  I think because you could only do small, easily completed steps and then you had to wait on the glue to dry.  It was perfect for my attention span.  :)